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Read April Issue

Special Coverage of COVID-19

2 Coronavirus: Complacency Is Not an Option
By Jason Skyles, MD, SLMMS President

4 Rising Above a Pandemic
By David Nowak, Executive Vice President

6 Q&A with Emily Doucette, MD, St. Louis County Department of Public Health

8 Commentary: Public Health, Emerging Threats and Society’s Preparedness
By Elie Azrak, MD

10 St. Louis Physicians Discuss How COVID-19 Is Affecting Their Practices

12 Research Centers at WU, SLU Seek COVID-19 Treatment, Vaccine

14  1918 Influenza: Social Distancing Helped Reduce Mortality Rates
By David S. McKinsey, MD; Joel P. McKinsey, MD; and Maithe Enriquez, PhD

24 Federal Rules on Telehealth Temporarily Eased
By Lashly & Baer

Read February Issue SLMMS Annual Meeting 2020
2 Our Mission: Supporting and Inspiring Physicians – 2020 President Jason K. Skyles, MD
8 Photos from the Annual Meeting
14 Q&A with President Jason Skyles, MDAwards
12 SchlueterAward—Sam Page, MD
16 Health Plan Administrator Becomes Cancer Patient
By Kevin Supple
18 Eating Disorders: An Under-Detected and Under-Treated Serious Mental Illness
By Ellen E. Fitzsimmons-Craft, PhD and Olivia Laing, MSW

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