December - 2009


In this issue:

Presidents Page: Divided … And Conquered!

Executive Vice Presidents Page:Medical Society a Giant in Local Health Care

• Medical Ethics and End-of-Life Care

• Arthur Gale, MD, to Receive Robert E. Schlueter Leadership Award

• Patient, Consider Yourself Lucky Today!

• 20th Century Giants in Medicine in the St. Louis Area

October - 2009


In this issue:

Presidents Page: Health Reform and Policies on End-of-Life Care: Bipartisanship Is on Life Support!

Executive Vice Presidents Page:A report card on the health of SLMMS using the M-S-R-P formula

• Now Is Time to Act on 2009 Year-End Tax Savings

• Care at the End of Life: Difficult Concerns, Caring Choices

• Palliative Care: Providing Comfort, Easing Symptoms

August - 2009


In this issue:

Presidents Page: In Search of the Perfect Health-Care System

Executive Vice Presidents Page:Foundation Supports Physician Education and Community Service

• An Imperfect Shield

• Communication Strategies to Prevent Medical Malpractice

• Covenants Not to Compete – What Physicians Need to Know

• The Regulation and Discipline of Physicians in Missouri

June - 2009


In this issue:

Presidents Page: Brace for the Pandemic!

Executive Vice Presidents Page:Behind the Lectern

• Elements to Consider in Health-Care Reform

• Twenty--First Century Epidemics: Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease

March - 2009


In this issue:

Presidents Page: Health-Care Reform: The name of the ballgame is... Fiscal sustainability!

• Facts About the Crisis in Health Care

• 2009 AMA National Health-Care Policy Agenda

• The Daschle Blueprint for Health-Care Reform
• Five Essential Elements for Reform

• Building a Sustainable Health-Care System

• Optimizing Availability and Quality Requires a Free-Enterprise System

• Improve Quality and Affordability

• Disappearing Primary Care; Evolving Solutions

• Managing a Physician Practice in Uncertain Times

January - 2009


In this issue:

• Presidents Page: Embracing the “Change”

• Past President: Medical Society is Poised for Growth With a Solid Financial Base

• SCAM-Q : Honest Rod in the Land of Lincoln

• SLMMS 2009 Installation Banquet