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SLMMS Announces New Scribe Services Member Benefit through Partnership with Medi Globe America

SLMMS Announces New Scribe Services Member Benefit through Partnership with Medi Globe America

Medi Globe America’s Scribe Services minimize EHR documentation time for physicians, increase patient satisfaction, enhance physician productivity, and ultimately, increase practice revenues.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Medical Society (SLMMS) is excited to announce a new scribe services benefit available at a significant discount for members through a new partnership with Medi Globe America (MGA), an international health care consulting and technology firm with offices in St. Louis. The SLMMS Council recently approved a one-year partnership with MGA to provide services to SLMMS members.

Medi Globe America’s scribe services combine cutting edge technology with traditional medical dictation and are customized to meet the needs of each physician, enabling the doctor to streamline services. Essentially, each physician is provided a “virtual assistant”, who will enter each patient’s clinical visit notes directly into the practice’s existing EHR program within a few hours of the physician dictating relevant notes relating to the patient visit.

MGA will offer SLMMS members a 10% discount from the monthly service fee during the initial six month trial program, and then be eligible for up to a 5% discount on service fees if the physician enters into a three-year agreement with Medi Globe America. The discount benefit is an exclusive offer available to SLMMS members only, resulting in savings of more than $1,800 per year. MGA’s scribe service is designed to enhance revenues and generate a significant ROI well within the six month trial period.

The Scribe Services Process:

1. The physician dictates relevant patient clinical visit notes, using customized dictation guidelines.
2. The scribe staff retrieves the audio notes, reviews and transcribes the notes, and presents them for review by MGA’s Quality Assurance staff. 3. The Quality Assurance staff reviews and confirms the accuracy and completeness of information to be entered into the client EHR.
4. The scribe staff enters the quality verified patient visit notes directly into client’s EHR.
5. The process will be completed and will be available for physician review and electronic signature by 6 AM the next business day.
(After an initial learning period, MGA’s scribe staff will ensure that each patient’s clinical visit documentation is entered in the client EHR within four to six hours of the patient visit. Thus the clinical visit notes relating to morning patient visits will be entered and available for physician review and signature before end of the work day, and the clinical visit notes relating to afternoon patient visits by 8 AM the next morning.)

Medi Globe America’s Services:

System and Software Requirement: MGA’s scribe service does not require a change in the client’s EHR or any other operational system. There are no software applications to be purchased or installed.

HIPPA and Information Security: MGA is a Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Information Security (IS) certified organization.

Implementation: Since most EHRs are web-based programs with remote access capability, MGA’s scribe services can be implemented with relative ease, utilizing usernames and passwords for scribe staff.

Free Pre-Trial Demonstration: Want to learn more with no obligation? MGA offers a free pre-trial demonstration of the scribe service process and its positive impact on the operational and financial impact to your medical practice and you.

Six Month Trial Service: MGA offers a six month paid trial service, with no further obligation to continue the services.

Additional Services: MGA also offers coding and a complete range of practice management services.

About Medi Globe America:

Established in 2005, Medi Globe America is a healthcare business development and practice management organization, with offices in St. Louis, Missouri, the United Kingdom and India. Learn more at the company website  Their core services include global distribution of US healthcare products, scribe and related clinical documentation services to the healthcare and insurance industries, and practice management services, focusing on reducing non-clinical expenses and enhancing patient revenue.

Prahaan Cumarasamy is the founder and CEO of Medi Globe America. He is a Board Certified Healthcare Executive and a graduate of Saint Louis University (MBA, CPA, CIA, CFE, FACHE, CMPE, and CHFP). He began his career with SLUCare and has been active in operational and financial management and internal control assessment of physician practices for almost 20 years.

Mike Meyer is the managing director of Reyem Group LLC, a business affiliate of Medi Globe America. Mike spent 35 years with Saint Louis University School of Medicine, most recently as the Associate Dean for Finance and Administration. He also served as interim CEO of the University Medical Group (SLUCare) on three occasions.

For more information:

SLMMS members are encouraged to contact Medi Globe America to further discuss this new member opportunity and to begin a pilot program for your practice. Contact Prahaan Cumarasamy at 314-971-6111 or email or Mike Meyer at 314-401-9746 or email  to set an appointment or if you have any questions.

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