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SLMMS Elects 2019 Officers, Councilors and Delegates

The annual SLMMS election took place on line during the month of November. A total of 51 ballots were cast. The election results were reviewed and validated by the SLMMS Council at their December meeting on Tuesday, December 11.

As 2018 President-elect, Ramona Behshad, MD, will ascend automatically to the office of 2019 President. Congratulations to the following physicians who were elected to serve as SLMMS officers with Dr. Behshad for the coming year:
Jason K. Skyles, MD, 2019 President-Elect
Jennifer L. Page, MD, 2019 Vice President
Robert A. Brennan, Jr., MD, 2019 Secretary-Treasurer
Christopher A. Swingle, DO, 2018 President will continue for one more year on the Council as 2019 Immediate Past President.

Four members of SLMMS were elected to three year terms as Councilors for 2019-2021: Emily D. Doucette, MD; Kirsten F. Dunn, MD; Erin S. Gardner, MD; and Luis A. Giuffra, MD.

Continuing to serve on the Council in terms that began in 2017 or 2018 are Christopher C. Bowe, MD; Munier El-Beck, MD; Mark C. Gunby, MD; David L. Pohl, MD; and Pearl F. Serota, MD.

31 SLMMS members were elected to two-year terms (2019-2020) to serve as Third District Delegates to the Missouri State Medical Association. They include:
Zia M. Ahmad, MD; Donald A. Blum, MD; George M. Bohigian, MD; Samer W. Cabbabe, MD; J. Collins Corder, MD; Jonathan Dehner, MD; Norman S. Druck, MD; Kirsten F. Dunn, MD; Gregory R. Galakatos, MD; Erin S. Gardner, MD; Richard J. Gimpelson, MD; Luis A. Giuffra, MD; Karen F. Goodhope, MD; Scott H. Hardeman, MD; J. Michael Hatlelid, MD; Sam S. Hawatmeh, MD; Nita Kohli, MD; Joanne L. Lacey, MD; Julie Margenthaler, MD; Jay L. Meyer, MD; Raymond F. Mohrman, MD; Nathaniel H. Murdock, MD; David L. Pohl, MD; Janet M. Ruzycki, MD; Jo-Ellyn M. Ryall, MD; Andrea R. Sample, MD; Jason K. Skyles, MD; Jessica N. Smith, MD; John A. Stith, MD; Garry M. Vickar, MD; and Alan P. K. Wild, MD.

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