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SLMMS President Discusses Affordable Care Act With KMOX

Medical President Samer Cabbabe, MD, discusses the Affordable Care Act in this interview with KMOX Radio.


From the website article:

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – KMOX wanted a non-partisan take on whether the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, is working or not. We turned to the St. Louis Medical Society’s president Dr. Samer Cabbabe, who says there are good and bad things.

“It did provide an opportunity for people who don’t have employer-sponsored insurance to get an insurance. The other benefit was that for people with pre-existing conditions, that the insurance companies may not pick up, it allowed them an opportunity to get insurance when they may not have otherwise been able to.”

Obamacare is supposed to be affordable – Cabbabe calls that a fine line.

“As we’ve continued to narrow the markets down on these insurances, we’re narrowing the scope of providers available at each one. And it’s not just the Affordable Care Act, it’s also all these ACO plans, like Mercy has a plan, they narrowed the number of providers available.’

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